"Of special note is Joel Goldes’ vocal coaching: the accents are intelligible without being distracting."

-- StageHappenings.com, 'Eclipsed'

In The Press

Bart deLorenzo, Artistic Director, The Evidence Room

on 15 November 2005.

"We were presenting David Edgar's PENTECOST, a famously difficult play written in twelve wildly different languages and just as many accents. Joel took on the formidable task of coaching all the dialects. He is an extraordinarily patient and generous teacher and collaborator, deftly guiding each of the actors to find his or her own way into the character's voice. The results spoke for themselves. No one in the audience could distinguish the native speakers from their newly-learned American counterparts."

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My past acting and directing experience uniquely qualifies me as a dialect coach: not only can I guide you in the subtleties of a new accent, I can also help you explore that accent within your character's given circumstances.

I look forward to working with you.

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