Anil Kapoor, in 

on 12 October 2010.

"Even though I speak English, I had a dialect coach (Joel Goldes). I had long sessions with him during the entire filming of 24, and he was of great help to me as far as figuring out how my character would speak. Because Hassan was educated in Britain, we gave him a bit of a British accent. So in 24 you’ll find a complete change in the way I talk and in my voice quality as compared to what I’ve done before."

Leigh Kennicott, on Eclipsed, Kirk Douglas Theater

on 05 September 2009.

"Of special note is Joel Goldes’ vocal coaching: the accents are intelligible without being distracting."

Amber Cassell, on Eclipsed at the Kirk Douglas Theater

on 21 September 2009.

"The dialect brings yet another distinct layer of realism, thanks to coach Joel Goldes' efforts."

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