"A great confidence-builder."

-- Jim Broadbent, Oscar-winning Actor


Joel Helps Costner to Emmy & Golden Globe Wins
Emmy & Golden Globe Winner in role I prepped him for.
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Accent I Created For After Earth
I invented a "future" accent for Will Smith and the cast.
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Chechens for NCIS: Los Angeles
Chechen accents + language on NCIS: LA
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Mid Atlantic for HBO's Boardwalk Empire
I coached Eric Ladin as the young J. Edgar Hoover.
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NBC's Awake Trailer
Jason Isaacs gets New Jersey-lite American accent.
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Kamistani Accent for 24
Slumdog's host plays Prexy of fictional nation.
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My past acting and directing experience uniquely qualifies me as a dialect coach: not only can I guide you in the subtleties of a new accent, I can also help you explore that accent within your character's given circumstances.

I look forward to working with you.

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