"impeccable Swedish accents, coached by Joel Goldes."

                                                                                                                                                    -- BACKSTAGE WEST, 'O PIONEERS!'


English Client Lands First American Role

on 20 March 2006.

One of my English clients, Mark Aikin (he's actually from Northern Ireland, originally), recently filmed his first role using the American accent we've been working on, on CSI: Miami. Congratulations, Mark!

Client Books Seattle Musical Workshop as Famous Autistic

on 15 February 2006.

My client Caryn West booked the lead role in Seattle Rep's workshop of Temple, a new musical based on the life of Temple Grandin, a high-functioning autistic who designs slaughterhouses. I helped Caryn prep the voice and dialect for her audition, then coached her by phone from Seattle after she booked the role.

English Accent for Disney's Movie Surfers

on 12 February 2006.

I recently reunited with my old (young) client, Aaron Fors, and we polished his English acccent for Disney's Movie Surfers for the UK and Scandinavian markets.

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